Saturday, November 27, 2010

About 6 Years Ago

About 6 years ago, we moved to our property in the beautiful Hill Country in Central Texas.  We have done alot of improvements on the place, but still there is always something to do.  We have added chickens to our critters.  We did have goats out back, but with the drought, we had to sell them.  Just nothing left for them to eat.  We have our little Rat Terrier named Aggie, our Australian Shepherd named Scoot and our big ol' indoor black cat named Ink.  Plus a few barn/shop kitties on the property.  All of these animals give us so much pleasure and lots of laughter.  Seems we are always laughing or smiling!

This is my first blog, folks told me that I should start one because of all the weird/funny things that happen sometimes on a daily basis.  So, here we go.....

I will try to keep this updated as best I can.