Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Saturday Night!

It's been a pretty good day today!  As you can see in the picture that I've posted, it's always a great day when Mr. Walker is around!

Finally felt like getting this house straightened up after being sick with the flu...still a little stuffed up (me, not the house), but it's getting better every day!

I have been on a mission and a hunt about a little thing called "Thermal Thimbles", they are to put on the tips of your fingers when you are pressing quilt blocks, etc...anyone who has done this knows that the tips of your fingers tend to get a little toasty or even burned....after looking the for the second time at Joann's, I found them, off all places in the iron and ironing board department, duh!  I haven't used them yet, but I will tomorrow!  Also ended up picking up some fabric (me, really, not go to Joann's and buy at least one piece of fabric)!  And, note to all, Joann's will only let you use 4 coupons at checkout...I was pulling coupons off of my circular and phone...hey, but I did save quite a few bucks!

Had dinner with James' folks tonight, haven't seen them in a few weeks, it was nice.  Of coarse, we have leftover's we brought home for lunch tomorrow...

Went to bed early, and hence, I'm up, can't sleep, I am, decided to throw in a post on my blog.

I am a member of the Flow Zone Block of the Month club...and February is my month to pick out a block, it will be forthcoming before tomorrow afternoon, I have narrowed it down to four blocks...gotta choose one!  This has been so fun so far, sharing blocks and tips and techniques with my friends!  Tomorrow I have to get a quilt loaded onto Ms. Fondue (my quilting system)...gotta start working out the kinks, cause I have lots of finished quilt tops that I have to get finished!  Sure do need a quilt ladder to display those quilts on....hint, hint, anyone?!

Guess I better close this one out tonight...take care and nighty night ya'll!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you pick for the block! :)